Associate Director of Outreach

Posted: 09/20/2022


The Gathering Place is a community-based mentoring and Christian student leadership
development non-profit. The mission of The GP is to REACH students with the Gospel,
EQUIP them as leaders and SEND students to serve their communities and world.
Position Summary
The Associate Director of Outreach is responsible for providing leadership,
organization, vision and support to discipleship and mentoring outreach initiatives
through The Gathering Place, specifically oversight of our 707 small group mentorship
network. This person will be required to implement organizational strategies and
oversight for summer internships and programs while providing leadership over two key
fundraising events annually. 25% of time will be spent in this area.
This position will serve as a campus outreach coordinator, with a central focus on the
female population at Thomasville City Schools and Thomas County Schools and
Brookwood School. The Associate Director of Outreach will support the Campus
Ministry department by providing Christian leadership, teaching, outreach, and
mentoring initiatives on the Middle and High School campuses in Thomas County. 75%
of time spent in this area.

Key Skills

1. Expert interpersonal skills for mentoring students, managing volunteers and fostering
relationships with school administrators.
2. Ministry skills specifically pertaining to student ministry and understanding of youth
3. Planning and self-directed working skills.
4. Planning and organizational skills to manage and develop and create a mentoring
network and drive growth for new mentor groups.
5. Communication and networking skills for connecting with leaders, students and
parents and event volunteers or vendors.
6. Interpersonal skills for recruitment and management of 707 leaders and coaches.
Task and Responsibilities
1. Support the Director of Campus Ministries and ensure integration with all aspects of
other Gathering Place ministries.
2. Be fiercely committed to building relationships, specifically focused on reaching the
female population at local middle and high schools, by visiting the school campuses
every day. Show up consistently and unexpectedly in their lives! Be the relational
connection for teachers and administrators at area schools; be available to serve
with crisis intervention in our schools.
3. Develop in-school mentor groups in partnership with administrators in the school
4. Develop out-of-school mentor groups with specific young women identified through
on-campus mentorship.
5. Identify students who are not already connected to strong Christian community and
invite them into opportunities for them to grow. Plan special events that will draw
students and give opportunities for relationships to build.
6. Support the Campus Ministry departments to organize and execute an annual
School Assembly program which culminates with an evangelistic night event.
7. Serve as key point of contact for College students serving as mentors and tutors for
Middle and High School students.
8. Support the director of campus ministry to organize an annual College Tour to
expose students to various universities and encourage continued education.
9. Develop relationships and partnerships with other organizations such as FCA, Young
Life, Joshua Promise, judicial, political, law enforcement, PTA, churches or other
community agencies.
10. Dream creatively about new outreach opportunities to engage the students in our
11. Along with Executive Director, design and implement our spiritual formation ministry
including input to our small groups, retreats, and special spiritual formation
experiences. Design experiences and environments that call, challenge, and coach
students into intentionally living as disciples of Jesus Christ.
12. Oversee 707 discipleship and mentoring programs including: promoting and
marketing the program, organizing the annual launch, monitor how the groups are
going and broaden the vision for these programs.
13. Recruit, train and deploy 707 leaders, keeping them accountable through
14. Create, maintain and develop the annual strategy for training leaders, including 1-2
special training events per year.
15. Think multiplication: develop relationships with and lead 707 coaches (Youth Pastors
or alumni leaders who help 707 leaders).
16. Along with GP staff, continue to develop the 7 year curriculum (From grade 6-12).
17. Lead a 707 discipleship group.
Organizational and Summer Responsibilities
1. Attend weekly staff meetings and participate with general Summer Planning and
Theme: Work with GP staff throughout the year to plan and dream about
summer theme and general summer planning.
2. SLX Internship: Promote the Jr. Internship during the school year through our
school initiatives. Play a key role in planning the annual leadership development
program for Interns, teach as needed and support with recruiting other teachers.

Minimum Job Requirements

! Bachelor degree with related experience in outreach and youth mentoring.
! Excellent communication and leadership skills, including a proven ability to be flexible
in demanding situations.
! Capacity to work independently and as part of a team.
! Proficiency in typing and computer programs including Word, Excel, Powerpoint or
their Mac counterparts Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
! Ability to analyze information, evaluate options and to think strategically.
! Strong organizational skills including the ability to plan, prioritize work flow.
! Excellent personal management skills.
! Excellent oral and written communications skills - ability to read, write and
communicate effectively in English.
! Ability to lift, carry, pull and push up to 30 lbs intermittently throughout a shift.
! If applicable, must have the ability to work for extended time periods in an outdoor
environment, including sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, and higher than normal noise
! Ability to kneel, crouch, squat, climb, stand, sit, balance, reach, bend, push, pull or
walk for prolonged periods.
! Knowledge of nonprofit operations.
! Understanding and personal commitment to the mission and values of The Gathering
Place. A passion for God and a passion to see students know Him.
Work Conditions
The position will require some evenings and weekend work depending on the
season, along with travel for conferences and staff development.
Physical Requirements
• Ability to operate computers for prolonged periods
• Ability to kneel, crouch, squat, climb, stand, sit, balance, reach, bend,
push, pull or walk for prolonged periods.
• Ability to lift, carry, pull and push up to 30 lbs. intermittently throughout a
• If applicable, must have the ability to work for extended time periods in
an outdoor environment, including sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, and higher
than normal noise levels (e.g. planned during events).

Job Preferences

Ability to work in a diverse and cross-cultural environment
The Gathering Place will provide a competitive salary to match the education and
experience of the candidate. Benefits include health insurance and a match toward retirement contributions.