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About Us

RedGuard Diversified Structures is the company America turns to for protective structures.

To protect your family from the hazards of severe storms or create a tornado safety plan for hundreds of employees, the Survive-A-Storm and Extreme brands have you covered.

If you need rugged steel buildings or pole barn structures to protect implements and other assets, the Matador Steel Buildings brand likely has what you need.

Safety is first at RedGuard Diversified Structures, which is why our shelters bear the seal of the National Storm Shelter Association and use designs that have been debris and impacted tested at the Texas Tech Wind Institute.

Quality is also of utmost importance. We pay attention to details in our design, and our buildings are made of high-quality steel, manufactured in the USA.


  • Residential Storm Shelters
  • Commercial Storm Shelters
  • Pole Barns
  • Steel Buildings
  • Manufactured in the USA