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About Us

S&L provides Integrated Audio, Video, Lighting and Control Systems for Business, Government, Education, Healthcare, Worship and Live Production. We believe in listening to our clients’ needs and fitting a solution to their budget and timeframe. After installation, we provide the training and support needed for client peace of mind.

During college, Jason was the “go-to” guy for lighting and sound production for local bands and events. This eventually led to the birth of Jason’s lighting and production company, S&L. Many of his first customers were local theaters, churches, bluegrass bands and outdoor events. “I saw the need for integrating audio, video and lighting systems. Music was my passion growing up,” explains Jason. His inspiration came from replacing gear in poorly designed installations. He thought since people were paying a lot of money for AVL systems, then they should work and be installed properly. S&L has evolved over the years developing automated audio, video, lighting and communication systems for a wide variety of clients.

Jason feels that being honest, having integrity and giving people what they expect are the keys to a successful business. Faith in God is important to the success of the company and is a guiding principle at S&L. The need for energy-efficient products is invaluable to homeowners, government agencies, churches, educational institutions and businesses alike, and we at S&L strive to design and develop energy efficient systems and tools to enhance our clients’ lives and workplaces.

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