Residential Supervisor

  • Supervision of the direct support staff such as: Timesheet accuracy and completion. Day-to-day operations and quality of work, and recommendations of terminations and hiring.
  • Ability to manager and properly document individual's spending account, as well as maintain all receipts, make copies of receipts to keep in homes and bring original receipts to main center and turn in to Social Services Tech.
  • Ability to manage technology.
  • Residential Supervisor will instruct and provide training for new direct support staff per house.
  • May need to assist with transportation for residents to appointments and activities. Be sure all necessary paperwork is given to the nurse at the completion of all appointments. 
  • Ensure monthly house meetings are conducted in-person or via zoom.
  • Check twice a month to ensure groceries and supplies are stocked in each home. When groceries and/or supplies are low you will notify Assistant Director, at least two (2) weeks prior to ordering of groceries/supplies. 
  • Residential Supervisor will make out schedules for each house for full coverage, staff will follow schedule as is and changes will only be made when Residential Supervisor is made aware, and those changes are approved. Anyone calling out sick and does not produce a positive COVID, Flu, Strep Test and is out three (3) or more days will need to produce a doctors note upon return.
  • If there is no staff available to work a shift, Residential Supervisor is responsible for filling in uncovered shifts.
  • Schedules for home will be completed no later than the 16th of each month.
  • Home inspections will be completed once a week, and if there are any issues that need to be addressed, they will be addressed immediately with Assistant Director.
  • Residential Supervisor will need to check all individuals documentation (inputs/outputs, notes, and goals) in THERAP at least three (3) times a week to ensure notes are current, accurate, and present. Audits of charts will ensure that staff is documenting and assisting individuals in the completion of their goals. 
  • Ensure fire and disaster drills are conducted at alternate times and at least two (2) times during the month and placed in home.
  • Ensure staff at home is scheduled for all training and complete RELIAS in a timely manner.
  • Residential Supervisor will maintain on-call of home.
  • Residential Supervisor will participate and be involved in ISP meetings for their house and individuals.
  • Communicate immediately to nursing staff any medical changes and house issues including incident report, seizure forms, daily bowel tracking. Assistant Director will need to be notified of all house issues and incidents.
  • Residential Supervisor work schedules may vary to accommodate the needs of the organization per center policies. 
  • Residential Supervisor will discipline staff as needed and report all staff issues to the Assistant Director.
  • Prepares and maintains records of individual staff progress and services performed.
  • Ensure direct support staff are maintaining house chores such as housekeeping duties, washing clothes, washing dishes, running errands, etc. 
  • HRST (Health Risk Screening Tool)- must enroll and complete training via DBHDD website.
  • Residential Supervisor is responsible for incident reporting.
  • Complete PMF (Performance Management) each year for yearly increases. 
  • Attend ISP meetings.
  • Oversee House Managers. 
  • Additional duties as assigned per supervisor. 
You must possess at least a high school diploma and have at least two (2)  plus years working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and or at least two (2) plus years working as human service tech or any of the human services field.

Please send resume to Kimberly Ford at or contact me directly at 229-227-2454.